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The Green Guerrilla Half Ton Vermicast Eeeezzzzy Peeeezzzy

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Compost worm separation technique.

At the Green Guerrilla Farm we have perfected the process of nurturing composting worms. We harvest one and a half tons of vermicast (otherwise known as worm poo or worm castings) on a 27 day cycle. This is a key ingredient for our compost and soil, as it is incredibly nutrient rich, full of the goodies that help us to grow organically yet intensively on our urban homestead.

But separating the vermicast from the worms is much trickier than you think:

First spread the vermicast out on tarpaulin or plastic.

Leave in sun for 1 hour.

Return and scrape off 3cm or until you reach worms.

Return every 30 minutes and repeat.

After 4 repeats flick tarpaulin up and all the worms will land on surface.

Capture the worms in a bucket and return to worm hive.

As you wai...

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