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Nature’s Prozac

Sceletium Tortuosum – Kougoed – Kanna

For Sale Sceletium Tortuosum

A natural way to reduce anxiety and combat depression. Easy to grow, easy to keep, incredible value for money. Found in the Northern, Western and Eastern Cape Provinces of South Africa, it is growing increasingly rare due to over-harvesting.

It has been used for centuries to cure a range of ailments. It has been given to women to aid with symptoms of menopause, alcoholics and drug addicts to wean them from their addition. It has been documented to increase libido. It has even been given to babies as one of the few known natural cures for colic.

With a dose of caution, a medical opinion and some good research, it’s quite easy for your back yard to become your medicine cabinet.

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We have a great stock of Sceletium mother plants, prepped and ready for...

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