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Eating Ethically Harvested Meat

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Vleis, our pasture fed bull, harvested two weeks ago, reached some of our friends tables, and they had very interesting comments. For those who don’t speak Afrikaans, Vleis means “meat”. He was named for the purpose he was bread for – to feed our family and our friends. They all agreed that eating the ethically harvested meat was such a privilege. It reconnected all of them to the cycle of life – and the death it entails. It made them appreciate the energy that went into each scrumptious morsel.

“Oh my first meat was soooooooo good! “

“Akim, that meet was simply put orgasmic. It actually left me feeling invigorated after eating, and wanting more, not heavy like steak normally makes one feel”

“Our first impression of Vleis was yummy, deliciousness…I didn’t get any shots as we were all too enthralled in consuming our food that it was over before I had the thought…it was naturally flavorful.”

“I’m prepping the meat for roasting, and I feel quite emotional. What a privilege! Never have I known a cow that I have eaten. Never have I eaten an animal that didn’t know suffering or fear at the end of its life. This meat turns the act of cooking & eating into a celebration of life. Thank you! “

Eating such meat is a real privilege, one that is only available to very few people. But hopefully as the message of ethical harvest spreads, and we are able to teach more people to raise meat in an ethical manner, more will become available.

The cost of such meat is much higher, but as per our friends comments, each morsel is savoured, each bite nourishes, and much less is needed to satisfy the family. In our books that’s a great trade-off, which enables more people to reconnect with the cycle of life.



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