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Chaos in the Green Cube

Welcome to my office.

choas in GC 002 (2)

Chaos in the Green Cube – I transplant into anything that can hold a big hand full of profiled moisture retaining soil. I put lots of food in the soil to assist young seedlings to bounce toward the ceiling. I add anything I can get my hands on that will retain liquid food and encourage root growth.

This old fish tank, filled with very interesting and bazaar germinating seeds, is my office desk. The changing green below my computer is my live screen saver.

choas in GC 005 (2)

These white boxes are used fish boxes, available from all places that sell fish, used as great propagating/large seed trays. They retain warmth; creating a seed incubator.

choas in GC 001 (2)

The white tank on the right is the juju juice bubbeling away. The process of transplanting is done as gently as possible to reduce stress of plant. The soil is primed and inoculated with juju juice. This ensures a 100% transplant rate.

choas in GC 003 (2)

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