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Rock and Roll Roadshow – Mobile Sustainable Unit

The 1978 FORD F100, loaded to the brim, dragging behind it a 7m trailer crammed packed with 700 small established trees. This is the Green Guerrilla rolling rock and roll road show. A moving spluttering mobile farm – transporting soil, bacteria and living organisms to sustain life. We call it the MSU (Mobile Sustainble Unit).
green mark 001 green mark 002
The MSU was deployed to Fish Hoek Primary – 1000 green hearts were there to meet us.
Children and organic seedlings School Group Waiting for the lesson on organic growing  
They are supporting the revolution and the development of the MSU by trading sliver and copper for bacteria farmers, cow manure, micro greens, seeded potatoes, fungus machines and a whole bunch of other stuff. Thanks Fish Hoek Primary Green Hearts – as usual you rock!

 Children with seed potato Child with vegetable growing starter kit Child with organic seedling 

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