Backyard Spinach

The Generals Recipe for feeding your family on R2 a day.

Find a dead space in your garden. Fence it with anything you can get your hands on – to keep pets out. Sew a handful of spinach seeds. Add 2 bags Green Guerrilla prime Juju concentrated soil medium. Add water.

Back Yard Spinach

After 30 days you can begin to pick some baby spinach. After 90 days you will embark on a major harvest.  Pick, wash, and cut-freeze in zip lock bags. Or if you don’t have the freezer space, leave in the ground and continue harvesting the spinach for up to two years. 

8m x2m = 800 meals of Popeye food.

The cost of setting up your garden is R420. R20 for Non-GMO Spinach seeds – from the Green Guerrillas and R400 for Green Guerrillas Special Juju soil medium. That’s 50 cents per meal – an organic meal that will keep your family nourished and healthy for R2.

Backyard Spinach Spinach in the backyard Back Yard Spinach


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