Sustainability: Its about the Soil

The Green Guerrillas are soil farmers. We profile soil in an urban agricultural environment. With the use of animal husbandry and alchemy composting techniques, we have designed and shaped a soil for the harsh south peninsula climate. This guarantees success, no matter the caliber of gardener you are.  With a guerrilla approach to self-sustainability you’ll have an abundant garden.

We know the only way the people of our community will be able to be self-sufficient is to use a growing medium that is the shit. Access to affordable growing mediums to apply to the earth and reap the rich rewards the soil can offer: this is the crux of sustainability. It’s is all about the soil.

The Green Guerrillas extend an open invitation to all the people far and wide to visit our farm this Friday. Gate open 16h00 and closed 18h00. This is our Guerrilla Green Roll Out Garage Sale.

Here we will share with you a bullet proof soil medium if you will be so kind to share R1.25 per litre. I will take this opportunity to offer any insight, advice or knowledge. I have about successfully growing vegetables in the dusty windy dry south using minimal amounts of water and infrastructure.  I offer the advice to all willing supporters of sustainability and the common followers of sharing.

44 Lochiel Road Sunnydale, Near Kommetjie

4pm – 6pm

No Facilities

We can share: edible and medicinal plants, compost worms, soil mediums, established bullet proof trees, designed for South African living.

Organic Soil MixOrganic tobaco, tomato, and habenero seedlings

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