Welcome to The Green Guerrillas movement & the revolution against out own complacency!

As a human species we have spent far too much time getting comfortable with the way we produce and consume our food. As a result we have reached a point where if we continue on our current path issues around food and water security in the future will be too big to tackle. The Green Guerrillas exist to inspire an awakening amongst the people of South African and encourage them to join us in building a movement that will ultimately result in a sustainable urban agriculture revolution.

What is sustainable urban agriculture? In a nut shell it is about gaining the knowledge and skills to grow your own food (from vegetables to livestock) in an urban environment. More than this it is about having a wider understanding of how to work together to make sure our families and communities have access to a sustainable sources of food and water.  We aim to build a community around the ideas of Sustainable Urban Agriculture – a community where we can share and learn from each other.

There are many ways to get involved with the movement – you can learn more about the various programs and activities we run below. Please join us at one of our workshops, encourage your kids to join our holiday programs or check out our Revolutionary Resources section for information on how to kick start your own urban farm in your back yard.

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