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The birth of the Green Guerrillas has been a complex, painful and liberating process, in 2009 Akim Riemer (now affectionally known as The General) left the comforting bosom of an established tour operating business. The reason? Despite seeking sustainable and responsible solutions within the tourism industry he had realised that the challenges the earth faces are far more complex than he had perviously thought and realised that most of us have failed to grasp how big these challenges are. So he purchased a postage stamp small holding and without having any direct plan or knowledge decided to become self sustainable. In the beginning this meant growing his own veggies, having a few chickens and using the mechanics of tourism to drive a conscious movement where growing your own food at home was the message. In 2012 he purchased 5kg of worms for ZAR5000 and threw himself into the deep end and paid severally for it.

The more he scratched around for knowledge and read up, the more he became enlightened to the fundaments and challenges of farming in an urban environment. He also realised that those in the know were very reluctant to pass on information. The internet, although continuing lots of info, was too sporadic and chaotic and books were to static and stayed. The only alternative was to learn by doing.  And learn he did – Akim spent the next 2 years learning by doing and in 2011 elected himself as General and adopted a guerrilla strategy to drive a movement in sustainable urban agriculture that had been spawned by the realisations that the luxury of doing nothing was no longer available, and the only salvation seemed a logical approach. And so The Green Guerrillas  were born. We are here to share our knowledge and learnings from the last 4 years – we are here to inspire an awakening and start a revolution in sustainable urban agriculture. The Green Guerrillas is what we call this business, this movement and this revolution.

The Business – The Green Guerrillas is a registered business which is turn allows us to keep the Green Guerrillas going. There are people who we pay salaries and it is very important to acknowledge that without a revenue stream The Green Guerrillas could not exist. This focus on sustainability and openness are core to The Green Guerrillas philosophy. We follow a business philosophy that we like to call “business as unusual” Taking into account responsibility to our environment and those who inhabit it- including us a species – in everything we do. Social enterprise forms a large part of our business ideology by seeking creative and progressive solutions to empower our community and maintain a balance with nature whilst still allowing the business to grow and become self sufficient.  By creating capital growth we are able to move forward without relying on hand outs or charity to propel the Green Guerrilla movement..

The Movement- The Green Guerrillas aim to start and foster a movement based on the principals and ideas of sustainable urban agriculture. This movement aims to break the shackles of mainstream consumerism and assist/educate the people of South Africa on how to  become self sustainable, this movement is not only better for our environment but for our health as well.  What form will this movement take? We aim to share all the knowledge and capital intellect we have gathered over the last 4 years, passing it on to everyone at a grass roots levels.  We do not copy right-we copy left. The Green Guerrilla movement is non-political, non-religious, non-ageist, non-racial and non-stupid movement. It is a movement that will become a catalyst for revolution and the changes we need to happen in order for us survive as a spec ices. It is naive to think we are killing the planet, the truth is we are killing ourselves. If we don’t change the direction we are on we risk ending up where we are heading. Join us and help us start a movement that will change the world.

The Revolution – Our revolution is against our own complacency

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

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