Welcome to the Green Guerrillas online shop – Please support us by purchasing some of our produce or supplies below. Your support enables us to continue spreading the message or urban agriculture and grow our movement. We are planning to increase the range of our stock on our store soon.

To order any of the below products please email Anki Riemer –



Composting worms-Eisenia Foetida

1000g    ZAR 750

500g      ZAR 450 





VermicastVermicast (worm poo) 

VERMICAST-worm poo

R85/10kg bag






Seedling MixSeedling mix 


R45/20kg bag






Soil/grow mediums produced on the farm are of super  high grade and kept cultured alive (means that we don’t bag it and the soil remains alive and is mixed on order) We take “earth” very seriously and our grow mediums are guaranteed to produce quality food grown bio-dynamically with a very chemical free history.

We also sell various weird and wonderful things – please contact Akim about any of the below on:

  • Fresh Herbs – From the worlds hottest chilies to the most delicious organic veg we will have something for you.
  • Hoodia
  • Sceletium
  • Seedlings

fresh herbs





 Green Guerrillas also install worm hives (for balcony’s or small back yards) – please contact for a quote

Green Guerrillas build compost bins – please contact for a quote

Green Guerrillas build chicken tractors  – please contact for a quote