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There are many challenges facing business in South Africa and one of the biggest issues any business will face is access to food and water. The scarcity of fresh water has already began to make its presence felt with more than 70% of JSE-listed companies admitting that they have already experienced financial loss due to a lack of access to water. A London-based research company that, with the National Business Initiative (NBI), looks at South African companies’ water use has stated that South Africa is due to run out of water as soon as 2015.

The Green Guerrillas believe our salvation lies within the principals of urban agriculture and sustainable living – this means encouraging business to educate their staff and empower employees to become self sustainable and secure their own sources of food and water. It makes good business sense to invest in the well being of employee’s health, and encouraging sustainability not only at the work place but at home as well.

Moving towards sustainability is not just a trend or lip service, it is a raw reality we all have to confront, and a responsibility we all have to undertake and the Green Guerrillas would like to give you the opportunity to introduce the principals of urban agriculture to your business.

Some of the things we can do for you include: 

  • 1) Professional Consulting on Urban Agricultural Set Ups
  • 2) Corporate Urban Agriculture Workshops

With many solutions and progressive methods the Green Guerrillas has something for every business. Support the efforts of the Green Guerrillas by creating positive social change through urban agriculture and sustainable living all while giving your business sprouts!

Contact the Green Guerrillas for an appointment and help us secure the future for us all. Email Anki Riemer – anki@etadv.co.za

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