604063_383756315039456_932596289_nAkim Riemer

Born in Cape Town and found a career after school in the Navy as a clearance diver. After being discharged he rambled through Northern, Eastern and Southern Europe for 5 years during which time he worked as a grave digger, diving instructor, chauffeur, dish washer, demolition, cook and some other creative jobs. Eventually he stumbled upon true love in the north of Sweden and returned to South Africa to start a family and be an upstanding citizen. Often says (in all seriousness) that he got the first part right and is still trying to get the last part right.

Anki Riemer

Born just below the Arctic Circle in the north lands of Sweden. Studied sign language in Stockholm and worked with children with special needs. Always has had a passion for travel, culture and nature. So she left Sweden with a 12kg backpack in 1998 to meet up with her boyfriend Akim Riemer. 6 months later she was married and on the run in Central America but she soon started a family in South Africa. Mother of 4 children, master entrepreneur, genius accountant with a passion for good healthy eating and sustainable thinking. Dancing and long distance walking remain her vice.