Earthworm Workshop

Organic Biodynamic Earthworms Red Wrigglers Earthworm Farm

Compost worms (Eisenia Foetida) have been on the planet for 650 million years. They have survived more change than any other animal – and they are here to HELP! Join the General of the Green Guerrillas, an expert worm farmer, and spend 2 hours becoming inspired by these amazing creatures. The General has successfully used compost processes and composting worms to convert beach sand into the best life nourishing soil. He has built a one ton worm farm, that processes two tons of organic waste each month into vermicast that we use on the farm. His intimate knowledge of worms can be applied to balcony gardens or small-holding.┬áThe course covers:

Introduction on worms
Recycling household waste
Building your own wormery
Harvesting of vermicast and creating soil
Building a dog poo digester


Next Dates: to be advised

Cost: R150 (or 300 including the worm farm)

Duration: 2 Hours – the nursery is open thereafter

Time: 10am – 12am

Contact Anki to book your place today: 021 785 6817

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