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At the Green Guerrilla’s we have a range of practical workshops and learning events that will help you to grow your own food more effectively, understand what goes into growing your own food and design your homestead so that it provides food for your family. We distill our knowledge of permaculture, bio-dynamics, ethical farming, organic farming, animal husbandry, nook and cranny farming and sustainable design to put together courses and learning experiences that are easy to understand and incredibly practical.

Email us for an updated on courses anki@etadv.co.za

Courses on Offer at the Green Guerrillas: 

Grow Your Own Food: An Introduction (1/2 Day)

Earthworm Workshop (2 Hour)

Composting Course (1/2 Day)

Other Learning Experiences:

Learning Lunches

Year-end Functions

Watch this space for new animal husbandry courses coming soon


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